How to Know If Your Diamond Bracelet Is Fake

So you own a diamond bracelet but you are not so sure whether the stones set in your bracelet are real or not. Perhaps it was a gift from a friend or a bracelet you bought from someone. Regardless of where you got it from or who gave it to you, you have all the right to want to know if it’s fake or not. You don’t have to straight out ask them because that would come off as offensive but you can actually discover its authenticity on your own.

Again, whether you own one or if you are about to purchase one and you want to make sure that the diamond bracelet has fake stones you have come to the right place because this blog post will teach you how to determine whether a diamond bracelet is fake or not.


Do the Breath Test

One way to check if a diamond stones is real is to breathe on the stone and see how fast the fog caused by the breath on the surface of the stone fades away. You know a diamond is real if the moisture disappears right away. But if the fog remains for a couple of seconds and if it doesn’t fade right way it could only mean one thing, that the diamond you just breathed on isn’t real. In other words, that diamond is fake.

The only downside to this breath test is that you can’t rely on it when you are dealing with materials that have thermal properties same to diamonds. If this case there is a possibility that the fog will dissipate fast but it is not an assurance that the diamond is indeed real.

A Real Diamond Should Not Have Nay Scratches

You know it’s a real diamond because it can chip. However, the upside to a real diamond is that it is very durable and it shouldn’t have any trace of scratches.

If the diamonds found in your bracelet gathered scratches over the course of time then it is safe to assume that the stones are likely fake. If your stones scratch quite easily then it could be that those aren’t real and are just made of a more malleable substance like cubic zirconia or glass. Now the disadvantage to this technique is this, if your bracelet is brand new obviously, you wouldn’t see any scratches on the diamonds.

Now since both the tests mentioned above are somehow unreliable we’re down to our last and perhaps the most reliable technique to determine fake diamonds, it is none other than the diamond tester.

Diamond Testers

What are diamond testers? As the name implies, are devices that are used to determine whether a stone is diamond by examining its physical properties through the use of electrical impulses or heat.

These devices evaluate for electrical conductivity much more accurately – those that make use of heat can easily mistake moissanite, which is a mineral that is often mistaken as a diamond and is widely used as an imitation of diamond, for diamond since both moissanite and diamond conduct heat in a similar way.

Usually if you want to test the diamonds in your bracelet and check if they are real your jewelry will charge you with a fee because testing authenticities is not for free.

Most if not all professional jewelers have diamond testers readily available in their stores. Our advice is if you do visit a jewelry store don’t forget to ask your jeweler if his diamond tester can identify moissanite.

Undependable Ways To Detect Fake Diamonds

Yes, there are several ways to test fake diamonds like the ones mentioned above but there are also ways to test for fake diamonds that are downright unreliable and create inconclusive results.

There are individuals who believe that if a certain stone can be able to scratch glass it’s safe to assume that, that particular stone can be called a diamond. Yes, while it may be true that a diamond can indeed scratch glass, other materials that are harder than glass can also scratch it. So there is no proof that if a certain object scratches glass it automatically becomes diamond.

Take for instance, moissanite and white sapphire. These two stones are commonly mistaken as diamonds. In other words, these two are called fake diamonds. They are also pretty hard and both of these can scratch glass. Therefore, if your basis of real and fake is through the scratching of glass then you can easily get tricked believing that a moissanite is a diamond or a white sapphire is a diamond when clearly it is not.

And then there’s another known method that provides inconclusive results still and that is looking through the diamond to check if the other end is clear or visible. There are so many people who do this. They try to place a printed text on the other side of the diamond and look through the diamond to check if it is readable. Knowing that diamonds alter light you should not be able to see clearly through the diamond, which basically is the logic of this particular technique.

Even though this may be true in some cases, diamonds like the emerald cut have very shallow or low cuts and because of this they cannot alter light as much as the round cut diamonds.

You can still be able to see through a diamond so well even though they are real diamonds making this technique unreliable.

Where Can You Buy Real Diamond Bracelets?

There are tons of stores that offer real diamond bracelets. A quick visit to the mall and you will find throngs of jewelry stores that showcase different styles and designs of diamond bracelets. But a word of caution, purchasing jewelry items from the malls can come with a price because you also have to consider their rent and their overhead expense. We usually suggest that you try to explore your options online. There are a lot of legitimate online stores that sell authentic diamond bracelets with excellent quality. The prices vary compared to the mall price that is why a lot of people are shopping for their diamond bracelets online instead of local jewelry stores.

But for those who are shopping for the first time we usually recommend that you ask your friends or family for referrals or if you encounter a website for the first time do thorough research and read about reviews and feedback before you send your money because we can never tell if we’re being scammed or not. A lot of people can do just that online so it’s better to be safe than sorry. But what we can tell you is that buying jewelry online can save you a considerable amount of cash than purchasing your jewelry in local jewelry stores or stores at the mall.

So there, all the things you need to know about knowing whether a diamond bracelet is fake or not are discussed here although succinctly. Still it is enough to help you determine a real one from a fake one.



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