14 Crucial Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before You Buy A Ring

Shopping for a ring isn’t the same as shopping for a blouse or shopping for a pair of shoes that at first sight you can automatically summon the saleslady to box it up so you can pay for it, no. It does not work like that. When you shop for a ring you need to consider so many things given that a ring will cost you a lot of money. And sometimes the factors that you need to think about carefully can be quite overwhelming for some. But to help you with this very tough decision-making we have cone up with a list of questions you need to find answer to so you can ultimately make up your mind and find the ring that best suits you.

  1. Does the ring fit the size of your hand perfectly?

The ring you choose should not be so massive that it starts to overpower your fingers. Meanwhile, you also have to make sure that it isn’t too small that you’ll barely notice it’s even there.

The ring you are going to choose has to be large enough to draw attention but it shouldn’t be too huge that it makes it look out of proportion.

  1. Does the ring fit your finger well?

Also, aside from checking the proportion of your ring to your hand one of the most important considerations is to ensure that the ring fits your finger perfectly. You don’t want a ring that is too tight since this can hamper the blood circulation to your finger. And if in case you decide to take it off, a too tight ring can be quite difficult to remover and it might even cause you pain and inconvenience.

And another thing, if the ring you choose is too loose there is a very big chance that it will slide off your finger and this can give you two possibilities, you will either lose your ring or get it damaged.

  1. Is it easy to resize your ring?

So let’s assume that the ring you chose fits you perfectly at the time when you bought it. However, over the course of time you can’t be sure if it will still fit you knowing that you can change sizes down the road even if that change is not that considerable it will still change.

This is why it matters if you ensure that the ring you choose is easy to resize. Take for instance; rings that have channel settings are very difficult to change in size. So you have to be knowledgeable about these things. If possible, do not forget to ask if your ring is easy to resize when needed.

  1. Is your band narrow or wide?

The narrowness or the wideness of your ring actually refers to how much of your finger is covered by the ring. If you have a ring that is too wide it will be hard for you to flex your finger and if you have a ring that is also too narrow then there is a very big chance that it will break and bend quite easily.

  1. Is the ring top weighty?

Obviously, if your setting has too much metal or if your stones are way too big then the ring won’t be balanced in your finger. In effect, there’s a huge chance that your ring will move around a lot while you are wearing it. This is the reason why you need to make sure that your top ring is proportional to the rest of the band.

  1. Does your ring have sharp edges?

This is one of the most overlooked features of rings. If the ring you have contains pointed and sharp parts it can be uncomfortable to put on.

You see you cannot really know how a ring will feel not unless you try it on. Just by looking it you can’t get the feel of it. So before you buy a ring because you think the design suits you make sure that you fit it first to know if it is comfortable on your finger.

  1. How thin should your band be?

Just keep in mind that if you have a too thing ring it can break and bend easily. Overtime, your ring will wear down so if your ring isn’t thick enough when you first bought it, it wouldn’t be too long before it starts to thin out and inevitably break.

  1. What is the setting of your ring?

Also it is important that you are aware of the pros and cons of the settings you choose for your ring. Take for instance, channel settings look undeniably attractive but these settings can be quite difficult to repair.

Invisible settings are also very attractive. However, the stones set in them are not held as safely and securely as in prong or bezel settings.

It is also worth mentioning that you check the setting if it is likely to catch your clothes.

  1. Is the ring easy to clean?

Look at the construction of the ring and study it carefully, if you see that the crevices in it are easy to reach then it’s not that hard to clean. Do know that dirt tends to collect underneath the gemstones so make sure that these areas are not hard to reach and are not difficult to clean.

  1. How many prongs does your settings have?

If you are currently looking for rings that have prong settings also make sure that you count how many prongs are there. Usually rings have around four to six prongs.

If your rings have too many prongs there’s a huge possibility that it can snag in your hair or your clothes. Another thing is the more prongs you have the more you will have to pay when you want to rebuild them if in case they wear down.

  1. Is the stone setting way too high?

While it is good to have a gemstone that is elevated and visible if it is way too high it can be quite easy to hit your ring and there is a very big chance that your gemstone will get damaged.

  1. How durable is your metal?

If your ring is made of silver or gold, the softer metals, then it’s easier to wear down and scratch. You can go for sturdier options like platinum but a word of warning, platinum can be quite expensive. Also make sure that you are happy with the appearance, price and durability of the ring.

  1. Is your ring plated?

If the ring you are eyeing on is plated with rhodium or gold (rhodium in the case of white gold) then you have to remember that the plating will eventually wear off given time. This means you need to have it replated every other year or depending on how much it has worn off.

  1. Are there return policies and warranties?

Before buying a ring ask the jewelry about its service plan and what it covers such as future repairs. In addition, also ensure that you are informed about all the terms of the coverage. Do anticipate that you will likely need it to be fixed or repaired in the future so you have to be very specific about this.

If you are going to purchase a diamond ring, ask for a certificate of the stone this is done in order to verify the quality of the stone.

The best ring is the one that comes with a legitimate return policy. You will never know how good it fits not until you wear it for a few days.

And another thing, do not forge to ask about other possible warranties that cover your ring and the stones.

Question: Where can you buy a ring?

There are tons of stores that offer rings. A quick visit to the mall and you will find throngs of jewelry stores that showcase different styles and designs of rings. The karat, the settings, the prongs and the sizes are very diverse. But a word of caution, purchasing jewelry items from the malls can come with a price because you also have to consider their rent and their overhead expense. We usually suggest that you try to explore your options online. There are a lot of legitimate online stores that sell rings with excellent quality. The prices vary compared to the mall price that is why a lot of people are shopping for their rings online instead of local jewelry stores.

But for those who are shopping for he first time we usually recommend that you ask your friends or family for referrals or if you encounter a website for the first time do thorough research and read about reviews and feedback before you send your money because we can never tell if we’re being scammed or not. A lot of people can do just that online so it’s better to be safe than sorry. But what we can tell you is that buying jewelry online can save you a considerable amount of cash than purchasing your jewelry in local jewelry stores or stores at the mall.

Source: http://www.jewelrynotes.com/the-14-most-important-questions-to-ask-before-buying-a-ring/



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