Stop Procrastination Before It Gets The Best Of You

Do you know what’s the worst thing about procrastinating aside from not getting things done? It’s that little voice inside your head that convinces you you’re not good enough. Come to think of it, it does make sense. Here’s how you can stop procrastination in its tracks before it gets the best of you.

Firstly you have to be aware. This is perhaps the most important step to stop procrastination. Not being oblivious to the existence of procrastination in your life can help you get back in track the soonest.

Second you need to do some assessment. Assess what feelings lead you to procrastinate. Or think of the thoughts that cross your mind that leads you to delay work and identify them. Are you willing to preserve these thoughts and habits?

Third is your perspective. Chronic procrastination is a big problem but you can change it by simply altering your perspective. If you are faced with a task so overwhelming that it tempts you to procrastinate, start by dividing it into small, achievable tasks that are less likely to intimidate you. Find what makes task appealing and magnify it to give you some chunk of motivation.

Once you’ve accomplished that the fourth step is to make a decision to commit to it. Fragmented tasks are manageable compared to the bigger ones so this leaves no room for excuses to procrastinate.

The fifth is to surround yourself with hardworking people who aren’t fond of procrastinating. The people you hang around with can influence you a lot and they play crucial roles in your ability to become productive whether you are aware of it or not. The wisest thing to do to keep your motivation from fizzling is to surround yourself with people who work hard.

In procrastination, our biggest enemy is ourselves and how we perceive things. Once we’ve identified the thoughts that keep us from completing our tasks we can then ease our way into becoming more productive by altering our perspective, focusing on commitment and by choosing our company wisely and use that for our own good.


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